Dermal Fillers Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan

Dermal Fillers Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan

Dermal Fillers Treatment in Lahore  | Soft Tissue | Wrinkle Fillers |

The natural proteins of our skin, like elastin and collagen, and a unique substance called “Hyaluronic acid” together form the support structure and base of your skin’s filling material. However, over time as we age, all these substances degrade, and our skin begins to age and sag. This loss of smooth skin texture is primarily attributed to smoking, sun exposure, pollution, health, lifestyle, heredity, and aging.

Thanks to the dermal fillers treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, the products containing these filling ingredients that maintain the skin healthy and young for an extended period. These mainly include HA and collagen filler injections. A few popular types of brands offering such filler injections include the following:

  • Esthelis
  • Teosyal
  • Restylane®
  • Perlane®
  • Juvederm®
  • Puragen™ 
  • Prevel®, etc. 

One can easily get them to remove aging signs appearing on the face and restore fullness. 

Types of Filler Injections

Typically, there are five primary injections utilized in dermal fillers treatment in Pakistan. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Fat Injections
  2. Collagen-based fillers
  3. Temporary dermal fillers
  4. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers
  5. Semi-permanent or permanent dermal fillers

Indications of Dermal Fillers Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

  1. Fillers are primarily indicated for lip enlargement or lip augmentation 
  2. For treating aging signs like facial wrinkles and fine lines 
  3. Help treat deep laugh lines appearing around the lips 
  4. Nose reshaping with fillers in a treatment called non-surgical rhinoplasty 
  5. Acne scars treatment, especially for depressed scars 
  6. Help in cheeks augmentation 
  7. Prevent wrinkles around lips 
  8. Dark eye circles treatment with dermal fillers 
  9. Chin enhancement or augmentation 
  10. Liquid facelift of vampire facial with fillers in combination. 

How Does the Dermal Fillers Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan Work?

Facial filler injections primarily work by adding extra volume to your facial muscles and filling in any depressed or wrinkled areas. However, your experience of taking dermal fillers treatment will surely be painless and simple because of the fine needles and their expert injection technique utilized in the best cosmetic centers like Cosmetique clinic. In addition, the professional doctors serving at reliable clinics use numbing creams or lotions, especially in the case of lip injections. The injection treatment effect, however, just takes a few minutes to show results. Somehow you may also experience swelling or pain right after the injection —also a few complications like bleeding or ecchymosis. But if you take dermal fillers treatment in Lahore, Pakistan from Dr. Azim Jahangir working at Cosmetique clinic, then no need to worry; you are in safe hands. 

The procedure of Dermal Fillers

Although this facial treatment seems effortless, there are a few critical points that everyone essentially needs to consider. The entire treatment procedure is as short as it may take just 15-20 minutes to finish. Or, it may take somehow long time if you need to treat more than one area. The steps involved in the dermal fillers treatment, generally are as follows:

Step 1: First of all, the doctor evaluates facial muscles strength and your aesthetic desires 

Step 2: Then, he cleanses the area to be treated 

Step 3: The doctor administers local anesthesia to the patient 

Step 4: After that, the doctors inject a small amount of filler into the area under treatment 

Step 5: Lastly, the treated areas are massaged gently, and any markings are cleaned off. 

Ideal Candidates for Dermal Fillers Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

Undoubtedly, Botox and dermal fillers injections can readily solve many skin problems of all. However, you can be an ideal candidate for this filler treatment if you

  • Have a receding chin 
  • Have fine lines and wrinkles around your nose, eyes, and lips 
  • Do not smoke cigarettes 
  • Lips and cheeks have lost natural volume to some extent 
  • Have minor deformities present on your nose
  • Are in good physical and mental health 
  • Have some realistic expectations from this treatment

Benefits of Taking Dermal Fillers 

Nevertheless, Botox and dermal fillers treatment in Lahore, Pakistan have several benefits for people’s skin, despite their age and gender. Some notable advantages include the following

  1. This treatment works for all types of skin 
  2. It is non-invasive and non-surgical 
  3. Easily affordable for all 
  4. Completely safe and effective for everyone 
  5. Removes aging signs and delivers younger skin look for an extended period. 

Where Can I Get Dermal Fillers Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan?

Although numerous clinics and hospitals offer this treatment, one of the best centers is the Cosmetique clinic. At Cosmetique, we offer an extensive range of fillers depending on your areas of concern and expected aesthetic desires. Some of the most common places to be treated by dermal fillers, though, include the following:  

  • tear-troughs 
  • nasal-labial folds 
  • jowl/marionette lines
  • lip laugh lines
  • wrinkles around eyes and lips. 

Typically, the results of dermal fillers treatment usually last for as long as 3-6 months. This period can also be extended with good care of your skin. 

What is the cost of dermal fillers treatment in Lahore, Pakistan?

In the various clinic of Pakistan, the cost of dermal fillers treatment mainly ranges between Rs. 15000-25000 per 1 ml dermal filler injection, depending on the quality and type of your skin and the brand of dermal filler injection. In addition, the overall cost also depends on the qualification, professionalism, and experience of the doctor handling the treatment. However, the prices of such treatments in Pakistan are much less than that in the US or Europe, so most people travel from abroad to Pakistan to take reliable dermal fillers from well-reputed centers like Cosmetique clinicProf. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is considered one of the best skin specialists not only in Pakistan but all over the world. So, you will feel completely safe in his hands.