Best Melanocyte Transplantation In Pakistan

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Best Melanocyte Transplantation in Pakistan

Unfortunately, not all medical treatments are successful enough in vitiligo cases. Most tissue grading methods have a few limitations; no one can take a massive amount of donor skin as no cell expansion occurs in these procedures. Hence, careful transplantation of non-cultured and autologous cultured melanocytes, primarily involving cell cultures of melanocyte/keratinocyte cocultures, gained immense popularity. In addition, the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan has an extraordinary advantage: it does not require cell culture, and the patient’s skin can all be undertaken within just a single three hours procedure.

Typically, the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan mainly includes the following steps

  1. Harvesting a skin graft
  2. Trypsinization
  3. Cell separation
  4. Dermabrasion of vitiligo affected the recipient area
  5. Transferring and properly fixing a rich suspension of melanocytes

What is Vitiligo?

Nowadays, several individuals all over the world suffer from a common skin problem named vitiligo, involving white skin patches everywhere on the body. Although some people assume that it is an untreatable skin disorder or maybe its treatment costs a lot, fortunately, that is not the case nowadays. Most myths regarding vitiligo and the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan are untrue. However, according to one of the top skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, named Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan serving at the Cosmetique clinic:

Vitiligo is a special kind of auto-immune disorder rather than an inherited or genetic problem that can possibly be treated in numerous ways. In this particular skin condition, an individual’s immune system usually starts attacking his own natural melanocytes, cells naturally responsible for melanin and color production in the skin cells, rendering them disabled from making a color naturally.

Vitiligo Diagnosis

A dermatologist or skin specialist can likely diagnose vitiligo by doing a keen biopsy of the vitiligo-affected white skin region primarily by taking into account the total number of functional melanocytes in that specific skin region. Somehow, a few wood lamps also significantly help diagnose white vitiligo-affected regions.

Possible Vitiligo Treatments

Successfully, now there are numerous treatment options for vitiligo available worldwide. And fortunately, now Pakistan is included in the list of those few countries which offer the best vitiligo treatments to patients globally. Typically, a few most popular vitiligo treatments generally include the following:

topical medications

  1. b) intravenous injections
  2. narrowband ultra-violet-B light
  3. 300nm laser light
  4. JAK inhibitor medicines
  5. best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan and many more. 

Therefore, if you notice white vitiligo patches on your skin, immediately consult an experienced skin specialist in Pakistan. Nevertheless, that is crucial for your skin’s health and prevents further melanocytes from completely getting destroyed. 

If not any of the vitiligo treatment options work for you, then go for the latest treatment, which is melanocyte transplantation. Fortunately, it is also available in Pakistan at the famous Cosmetique clinic. The color-producing cells called melanocytes are carefully transferred from the normal skin color site to the white vitiligo spots in this particular treatment. They later start producing skin color naturally.

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan serving at Cosmetique clinic is one of the few cosmetic surgeons with years of experience in the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan. He has successfully mastered this technique and treats patients visiting him from all over the world to benefit from his skills. 


What is the reason behind vitiligo? 

Typically, most scientific and medical evidence regarding vitiligo suggests that in this skin condition, the body’s defensive immune system that kills infectious particles and germs gets hyper-activated and starts attacking the body’s normal structures instead of foreign elements. Like in the case of vitiligo, the immune system starts killing melanocytes, cells responsible for producing melanin and skin color naturally. So that essentially needs to be treated as soon as possible. 

When does a patient need surgery for vitiligo treatment? 

Although, the most satisfactory and best results of vitiligo treatment are seen in many patients with small white patches of vitiligo that do not spread or develop to other body parts over time by various non-surgical methods. Generally, stable and small areas are most commonly treated by the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan. On the other hand, surgical treatment is just considered when there is no improvement seen in vitiligo over the course of six months to one year. Or if the phototherapy or medical treatment does not render your routinely anticipated or desired results. 

How long does the surgery take to perform?

As the surgical treatment of vitiligo is quite a delicate surgery, it generally takes 2-3 hours to perform. Soon after the surgery, the patient goes home with bandages on the donor and recipient sites. Then the bandages are taken off almost ten days later. However, patients can resume their routine work in just a couple of days. 

How long does it take to see the results of the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan?

Typically, it may take from six months to an entire year before the natural skin color is produced by melanin in the whole treated area. Remember, it always takes some time for melanocytes (tiny color-producing cells) to make melanin ad its respective skin color. So be patient and wait to see the desired results. 

Is the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan readily available for all? 

No melanocyte transplantation surgery is a unique and very sophisticated surgical procedure that typically requires very high skilled surgeons and highly specialized equipment that is not usually available in most parts of the world. Cosmetique clinic we are the only reliable cosmetic center in Lahore, Pakistan, making Melanocyte transplant surgery easily accessible for all. 

Are you worried about vitiligo and looking for the best melanocyte transplantation in Pakistan, then look no further; we are just a call away from you. Talk to the professional doctors of Cosmetique clinic and get the best possible treatment for all your health and aesthetic concerns.